Good food for middle-aged men.

The age when it’s hard to exercise like when you’re young!

Can you believe it if you take care of your health by eating?

Today, I will teach you good food for middle-aged men.

What’s this? The efficacy of asparagus

​It might be unfamiliar to many people,

Asparagus is highly antioxidant

diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, and various cancers

It’s very effective in preventing it.

It’s also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and minerals, so men’s

It also helps restore your energy.

The chives you eat often, I love them!

It’s well known that chives are good for your health

It also helps middle-aged men recover their energy

There are very few people who know the mole.

It helps when you have problems like sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction

I can give it to you, and if you eat it together because it’s good with shrimp,

You can get energy-enhancing effects well.

The benefits of garlic that I eat often but didn’t know

It’s good for blood circulation and cholesterol

Known garlic also has excellent fatigue recovery effects.

As the allicin component of garlic is ingested, carbohydrates

It breaks down, it creates energy, it stimulates metabolism

You can see the effect of making it!

Due to my poor physical abilities and busy days,

There are so many middle-aged men who can’t even rest properly.

If it’s hard to rest properly, I’ll continue to

Take care of your health with food and healthy father,

I hope you become a healthy husband.


About Cherry tomatoes for your diet and healthy body.

Today, I’m going to show you how to store the effects of cherry tomatoes

I’m going to talk about why it’s good for dieting

Please answer your questions through the relevant article. 🙂

01 What are the calories of cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomato calories are about 15 to 16 kcal per 100 grams.

It has a lot of moisture

I tend to feel a bit full

“Cherry Tomato Diet” has become more popular.

You can eat it like a snack in one bite

Dieters also choose it as a snack.

Then, what are the effects of cherry tomatoes?

02 Let’s find out the effectiveness of cherry tomatoes!

Cherry tomatoes are good for your health

I’m sure you’ve already heard it a lot.

☑ The effect of cherry tomatoes is –

1) It’s full of fiber

2) It contains a lot of vitamin A/B

> It helps with skin care!

3) It contains a lot of lutein, so it’s good for your eyes

4) It contains a lot of potassium

Helps control blood pressure or improve anemia

In addition, osteoporosis prevention and degenerative arthritis prevention are included

There are various cherry tomato effects.

03 Store cherry tomatoes, how?

When you store cherry tomatoes,

Remove the end of the stick

After washing it clean (you can use vinegar or baking soda)

Remove the water with a kitchen towel

Put it in a sealed container that blocks the air

If you’re going to keep it for a long time – refrigerated / If you’re going to eat it soon, at room

You can keep it 🙂

04 Cherry Tomatoes Precautions!

It helps with the cherry tomato diet

It’s true that it has a variety of positive effects,

You have to keep the recommended daily intake.

Depending on various situations, such as basal metabolic rate and disease,

The recommended amount may vary, but usually about 20 pills

I recommend you to eat it as a standard.

If you have a kidney disease,

Even if cherry tomatoes are low in calories,

It’s good to avoid eating.