Good & Bad Muscle Exercises for Golf Swing

I came up with the idea of building the muscles used to swing golf, and I organize them through numerous data surveys.

You can continue some movements while watching TV at home, and exercising that requires equipment is not a big problem if you do or skip it at the gym. But it’s not always better if you do weight training. So I divided it into “Golf swing good weight training and bad exercise.”

Four Muscle Exercises Good for Golf Swing



With the body vertically up and vertically up, the hand is lightly placed on both waist, one leg is placed on a knee-high instrument, and the other leg is lowered to the extent that it does not touch the ground, and then goes up.

This exercise strengthens the hamstrings of the lower body muscles and the back thigh.

This can soon have the effect of increasing club speed.


Hold the light dumbbell lightly with both hands, and sit with your knees bent as shown in the picture. Apply force to the core (abdominal muscles) and move the upper body from side to side, and at this time, you should use your waist to rotate. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can hold a golf club.

This improves the core (abdominal muscles), which are the most important when playing golf swing at 스크린골프장.

This soon improves the distance and direction, and allows you to catch two rabbits.


As shown in the picture, the legs are straightened and the arms are triangular to support the body. Put your feet on the sofa or on the gym ball and take a plank position to get more results.

This motion also helps improve the core (abdominal).

This soon leads to improved driving distance and directionality.


As shown in the picture, repeat the movement of holding the kettle ball at shoulder level and stretching upward and lowering it. It is important to keep your arms, hands, and kettles in a straight line. If you don’t have a kettle ball, it doesn’t matter if you play dumb.

This exercise helps strengthen your arms, wrists, and shoulders.

This allows you to control the clubface freely.

5 Bad Muscles for Golf Swings


As shown in the picture, lifting the barbell causes excessive effects on the rotator cuff and tendons of the shoulder, causing pain in the shoulder blades.

Too much weight can potentially tear the shoulder rotors and tendons, making it impossible to make a normal golf swing.


As shown in the picture, sit-ups are very helpful in strengthening the core (abdominal muscles), but if you overdo it, it will inevitably strain the spine.

It should not be forgotten that the most important body swelling of a golf swing is the “spine.” If possible, it is better not to do exercises that strain the spine.


This exercise, which is most commonly done when you go to the gym, is a typical exercise that makes golf swings a mess.

As shown in the picture, if the pelvis is fixed and the heavy thing is lifted up and down, only the waist and back muscles surrounding the spine are developed, resulting in a lot of casting movements that make the swing steep and only the arms.


Mid-ball rotation exercise is an exercise that helps golf swing because it can improve the core (abdominal muscles) if done properly, but depending on the weight of the ball and the posture of exercise, it may strain the spine. If you feel that your spine is strained during this exercise, quit or ask your trainer to take the correct posture.

If you are not good at this exercise, it will make it difficult to swing your torso when you rotate when you play golf.


Most golfers have a weaker hamstring than the front of their thighs, or the back of their thighs.

Leg extension, which lifts something heavy on the foot, is an exercise that trains only the inside of the thigh, and does not help much with the golf swing.

Professional golfers often get injured in their hamstrings during games, so they usually spend a lot of time training their hamstrings muscles.

Amateur golfers, in particular, will be much more vulnerable than professional players, so they should focus on training hamstrings, or muscles behind their thighs.

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